What Should My Caption Be? 3 fool proof tips to boost engagement from your captions.


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Captions can sometimes be the most difficult thing about posting to social media whether you are an influencer or brand.

Here are our 3 important tips to remember when curating your next post.

1) What are you posting? Is it a product your selling or a brand your promoting? Promotional posts are one of the easiest to write. A clever caption can be fun but an honest review or some light intriguing information about the product will be better received. A brand would rather a testimony for their product because it gives them the ability to repost and provides further validation for customers who are interested. As a brand, letting followers know why your product is beneficial or different from others on the market is always going to stand out far more. Make sure to remember you are speaking with real people when crafting your captions, so always be authentic and show your personality.

2) Filler Photos! Are you posting a photo purely for engagement and to fill your feed? Filler photos are great especially when you are following the theme of your page, but can be a nightmare to word if your trying to stay away from the typical FRI-YAY or GOALS post. A great thing to remember with filler photos is to stay current, if there was an event on recently or Ariana Grande has just dropped, yet another banger, try and find a way to link your filler photo to what is going on in the world. That way your filler photo goes from being a random upload, to giving you an opportunity to communicate with your audience about current events.

3) Candid and fun! Its no secret that the best posts that create the most engagement are #CANDID. People love to see you happy and although it may be the most staged photo of them all, people love to think that these photos are in the moment. Now before you upload your photo of you and your bestie laughing at each other with an overused caption, think about digging deeper. Your followers want to know who you are, tell them your weekend was amazing or that your best friend has been around from day one, or even what makes you laugh. Your follower want to get to know you, so let them in.

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