Influencer marketing 101: The must know Do's & Dont's


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Influencer marketing can be tricky to figure out on your own, but we are here to help.

When it comes to influencer marketing we have enough experience to fill 10 novels but to break it down, here are our top 8 Do’s and Dont’s.


  • Work out your target Audience! - This is always the most important tip to remember whenever using social media. If you don’t know exactly who your target audience is you could be spending thousands of dollars trying to sell board shorts to Eskimo’s.

    Trust me, we’ve seen worse!

  • Find an influencer who’s audience is interested in your brand (or industry) - Things to look out for; do they talk to their followers? Do they post similar content to the product or brand you represent? Do those posts gain good engagement (e.g. their bikini photos are engaging 10,000 but their hair care photo scraped in a measly 2,950)

  • Find influencers who love your brand - Advertising campaigns with influencers that are emotionally invested in your product or mission will always provide the best return on investment. Influencers get given and paid to used products or wear clothing all the time, if they love you, their posts will be more genuine and they will be more likely to suggest your products to their followers more often (even outside the requirements of the campaign).

  • Know what you are giving, and what you expect in return. Keep in mind that Instagramer’s are running a business too. Their page is their own personal brand so you are not only choosing them, they have to choose you too. Coming to a mutual agreement that will benefit both your brand and the influencer will always impact the success of the alliance. Creating relationships and friendships through influencer brand relations is important, so start the conversations by being transparent in what you expect and what you are willing to offer.

  • If you have a set vision for the style of post you would like, let the influencer know. This is a tip that can often fall into the Dont’s category if not used properly, as we don’t typically suggest telling the influencers how to do their job, however, we do understand that sometimes it is necessary (multi influencer campaigns, giveaways & competitions etc…). If your goal is to be able to repost the image & would like content to fit the theme of your Instagram, tell them. If this type of post is not likely to be successful on their feed give them the option to take extra photos for them to post, and include them taking 1-2 photos that match your feed. This is a great arrangement that means influencers can keep their own creative direction for their own page but you can also get valuable content that works best for you.


  • Don’t expect that a free product is enough to get Influencers on board. Whilst some smaller influencers will be happy with this exchange, free clothes don’t pay the rent (there is an exception for products of significant value). But as the previous point stated, Instagramer’s are running a business too. Demanding posts in exchange for free products may not only make them feel devalued but can also set a bad name for your brand with other influencers (trust me, they talk!). We always suggest leading with what you are hoping to get out of the exchange, that way it is up to the influencer to deliver on their promise once you have agreed on specific terms.

  • Don’t choose your influencers based on the number of followers they have! Probably the most common mistake made by brands when organising influencer campaigns. Since the huge change in Instagram’s feed algorithm (Again!), followers no longer mean as much as they used to. Engagement is now Queen of the game, so make sure to take note of how frequently they post and talk with their followers. Most influencers will set their prices by the number of followers they have, however someone with 100,000 followers could be receiving the same amount of engagement as an influencer with 60,000. If it is your first time working with a particular influencer, we recommend trialling with stories before committing to a full-scale campaign or feed post.

  • Don’t tell your influencers how to post! (I told you this one would come back up) At the end of the day, influencers have built a following because they are skilled content creators. There is nothing worse than receiving a 4 paragraph brief from brands on how to pose, what to wear, and worst of all, a pre-scripted caption that is so far from their usual theme. It not only frustrates influencers, but it is also extremely noticeable by their following as a promotion. We do understand that sometimes there are exact requirements that need to be met, but have faith in your influencers. If you communicate your goals clearly, you will be pleasantly surprised by the results you see.

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