10 common mistakes you are making that scare away brands.


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As you know, some of your most loyal and engaged followers can often be brands or businesses. This is a great sign to know that your vision is aligned with theirs, however, it does add a lot of pressure to make sure your socials are 100% on point. Kind of like having your boss as a Facebook friend…

We’re here to help take some of that pressure away,

Here are the top 10 things that can scare away brands.

  1. Negative Posts! Too many times social media fences have started from influencers calling out brands or businesses doing things they disagree with. Whilst freedom of speech is very much encouraged and appreciated, calling out brands that may have behaved badly can trigger caution bells to other businesses who may want to work with you.

  2. Drunk nights out! We get it, you’re people too. You can go out and have fun with your friends, but be mindful about the image you portray when the tequila shots come out and the drunk eyes become a little more noticeable. Having a private account can be great to engage with your friends without the rest of your following getting the inside scoop on your nights out. Remember you are your brand and how you appear online determines your success. Know your audience.

  3. Don't connect with everyone. Just because someone follows you, doesn't mean you have to follow them back. Think of it as choosing who you surround yourself with in real life. Before you follow back, think of how it will reflect on you. Is this someone who would represent you and your business in a good way if consumers saw that you were associated with them?

  4. Try to stay away from spam. Your girls weekend away in Byron Bay might have given you enough content to last the year, but your followers can get bored and so will brands. When people feel like they have seen it before content can become less appealing. Take advantage of the Instagram albums or post the leftovers to your story and highlights, only the best content should make your page. 

  5. Don’t Sell the products that you were paid to post! Nothing turns away brands faster than seeing that you are selling the new clothes that you just uploaded in last weeks ‘summer wardrobe haul’ YouTube vlog. We get it you have a lot of things sent to you and you don’t have to like it all. Try selling it from a friends account or post it on accounts that aren’t linked to your main social media accounts. 

  6. Select the brands that you work with carefully. Just because a brand has offered to pay you to post doesn’t mean you have to say yes. Your Instagram is your personal brand and who you work with is your choice.

  7. Don’t leave your followers hanging. When they reach out to you or engage with your posts, comment back. This can take time but even liking the comments is a step in the right direction. Brands know that followers who feel more involved will be more likely to engage with what you are promoting, so showing that you care about your followers ticks all the boxes.

  8. When doing poling questions or AMA’s (ask me anything) take questions seriously. Followers may want to know everything and ask things that you don’t want to share, but it is important you take every question seriously. They are taking a huge step reaching out to you, so it can be super upsetting when their questions are made fun of. This is something that brands will notice as it can reflect badly on your personality.

  9. Be authentic. Automated responses and DM’s are a big turn off. People like to feel like they are getting to know who you are. Posting captions and engaging on posts in a robotic way can be a bad business move, try to stay genuine and fresh. 

  10. Don’t use Instagram bots. It is not only extremely obvious to brands, but using automated bots can also affect how your posts are shown on Instagram. More than anything, Instagram does not like accounts using third-party applications to gain an advantage or higher engagement. Strategies used by bots such as excessive following and unfollowing are extremely easily detected by Instagram admin and will dramatically reduce your authentic reach.

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