Brand Strategy & Design:

More Than
‘Just A Logo’.


Your brand mark or logo is useful for a lot more than just visual engagement. A great brand will represent your product or service, your people, your culture, and – most of all – your vision. Whether we’re branding local Sydney stores or national enterprises, the Kickstart team knows how to create an image that perfectly reflects the heart and soul of a company.

Ariana Whittingham


  • Name & Tagline Development

  • Logo & Identity Design

  • Color Scheming

  • Brand Consultation

  • Re-branding

  • Concept Creation

  • Research & Development


Our Process

To create a memorable logo design for your business, we learn what the core of your company is and what messages you want us to carry to your audience. We'll sit down and swap stories about business principles, brand vision, and – most importantly – your product/service as we research and develop a strategy for how we can best approach your project.

Our creative process allows us to get to know you, your business, and the market we are appealing to. This then lets you better understand why we decided to use particular colours and design features, while also enabling us to demonstrate how your branding can be used in the future. By learning about you and your business, we will gain a valuable insight into your target audience and how we can help them better identify with your brand.


Fresh Beginnings

Our brand identity service isn’t just for budding businesses; existing companies can also take advantage of our talented team to breathe new life into their brands. By infusing your current brand with contemporary design elements, Kickstart Creative can help your business connect with today’s audience. Like a phoenix being reborn from the ashes, your brand will carry all the experience of its past life, yet its fresh and revitalised look will see it soaring confidently into the modern world.


A Comprehensive Branding Solution

When you entrust us with your business’s branding, we go far beyond designing your logo. At Kickstart Creative, we assist with every aspect of developing a strong brand. Through consultation, our marketing managers can help you incorporate your brand persona into social media channels, digital content, printed marketing materials, and a variety of other applications. We’re also keen to lend a hand well before the actual designing starts; let us take care of research and development for you.

It’s Branding Time!

When it comes to branding around Australia, companies can depend on Kickstart Creative to deliver impeccable designs and fantastic results. Let’s grab a coffee or chat on the phone about your business’s branding goals.

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