Creative Consultation:

Sometimes You Just Need To talk It Out.


On top of our broad range of hands-on services, our Sydney design studio also offers creative consultation. Our sessions tend to focus on campaign execution, ongoing brand/perception management, and cultural development and evolution. However, we’re always open to meeting over a coffee to discuss other aspects of your brand and marketing.

We have a range of clients we catch up with on a regular basis to discuss ideas to market and set plans of attack to further engage their audiences. We love to share our ideas and experience to help you develop fresh ways to approach your business challenges and goals.


Kickstart Creates Experiences, Not Just Results

We like to think the impression our team makes on you will last long after your project has been completed or your campaign has come to a close. Our approach to our work is serious; we know how important securing great results is, so we don’t cut any corners. But at the same time, our attitude is always upbeat and fun. This is how we ensure your time with Kickstart is just as satisfying as the outcomes of our work.

Let’s Chat

Have an advertising idea you need to flesh out? Or need some direction on where to take your business’s marketing? Whether you have it mostly figured out or haven’t even started yet, our people can help you draw up some directions for your brand’s advertising.