Why do I need a logo?

A logo is in most cases the first impression your customers have of your business and therefore crucial in determining early on or continued success. As the visual representation of a brand, logos have the potential to communicate and reinforce a brand’s core values and principles, which we call its symbolic benefits. Logos play a critical role in serving as a point of connection between a company and its customers. If your logo looks like it was just thrown together by Bill from down the road, customers are often left with the assumption that your business will be run with the same mindset and are more likely to go elsewhere. For such a minor investment, an effective logo has the power to transform a business. 


How would you do my job if i needed it done yesterday?

Unfortunately, our Delorean DMC-12 Time Machine keeps misfiring - I keep telling the boys she needs premium, dude! But we’re a dedicated team and we’re happy to stay back and get your work done during ‘creative' hours. The only thing is, after hours means pizza deliveries, Organic Fair Trade coffee and the finest Belgium chocolate*, so we’d need a little bit more of an allowance to satisfy our expensive taste. But if you don't mind a little increase in our standard rates, let's dance.

Do you provide creative or marketing strategies?

You mean ideas? Yes, we have plenty of those and unfortunately they can sometimes cost a pretty penny. As we tell most of our new clients, for the most part creative spurs are not just something that comes to us, although our kind have been gifted to receive a great deal more than others, they are still something we need to work for. So if you are a business owner or individual coming to us with no idea which way is up, we would be more than happy to take the load off your shoulders, providing you don't mind us adding on a little extra for the brainstorming and research time.

Do you want me to supply a brief? 

We can’t wait to get into your briefs! ;)

But seriously, a design brief is an absolute must before we start any project. If you are not to sure what you need to include please contact us and we will walk you through it. The more information you include the easier our jobs become and the more satisfied you will be with the outcome. If you are not sure what you want or even whats possible we would be more than happy to sit down for a coffee and talk you through your options before submitting a brief. 

Do I need to supply my own content and copyright?

Although it makes for a quick project turn around if you supply your own content, we love helping brands create stunning visuals. After all we are a creative agency, and who else better to trust in building your image than specialists.

We can help with copywriting, photography, video and even picking stock images that don’t look too stocky ... All we ask in return is for a little extra cash our way.

Are you guys expensive?

Everything in this world has a price and we are certainly no exception. We view ourselves as an investment for businesses as we have watched many grow with a little kickstart from us (excuse the pun). Unfortunately there is no possible way we can design your logo for $30, however if money is the only thing stopping you from making the next step, contact us anyway and we can arrange a solution that works best for the both of us. We have a passion for innovation and wouldn't want to see any idea go unexplored.

Do you collaborate?

WE SURE DO! We're always looking to work with like-minded brands, but we should warn you… We ask our clients to be bold. To be brave. To create things worthy of attention. Contact us at your own risk.

Anarchy Design Co is a local apparel brand who we have worked very closely with since the beginning and it has been a fantastic experience to watch them grow over the years.