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What is the influencer package?

Simply put, we make you irresistible to brands. We work to define your personal brand, using the very same criteria we use while scouting influencers for client campaigns. Its kind of like having your teacher write your assignment. 

Kickstart is Sydney’s #1 Influencer Development Agency because we know what works.

Maintaining the attention of your audience is getting harder so we need to get creative. We have done the work and asked the questions, after working with some of Australia’s most influential grammers, we have developed the perfect platform to help any influencer create and refine their own professional personal brand. 

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What’s Included:

Every brand needs a recognisable image or style to help distinguish them from their competition, and influencers are no exception. Before working with new clients, we love to talk branding and set the ground work for the rest of the package. Your mission, image, talents ect.. Once we understand your goals, we are able to make all your dreams come true.

+ Personal Website

A personal website creates a professional and in depth platform that will enable you to engage and communicate with brands & followers. Not only will this serve as professional personal branding, but it will also give you complete control of design and your content. As we all know, Instagram is not very friendly when it comes to external links. This website gives you the ability to include all your social media platforms and new content in one stunning and accessible place, which will help increase your exposure and drive up engagement.

+ Integrated Blog

When most people hear the word blog they automatically think of hours and hours sitting in front of a computer, however some of the most successful blogs require less than 5 minutes work a week. We have found that maintaining a weekly blog can boost social engagement by up to 75%, as well as creating more communication opportunities for brands to reach out. The best part, you don’t need to be an English professor to have a good blog. As long as you include lots of visuals and write content relevant to your audience, you can’t go wrong!

+ Kickstart Community & PR Opportunities

Although we are not in the business of talent management, being a Kickstart allumni offers many benefits. We give you the opportunity to rub shoulders with industry leaders at exclusive PR events, an ever growing community of talented creatives at your fingertips & when scouting influencers for brands, you will always be our first choice.

+ Professional Media Kit

Please tell me you know what a media kit is… One of the most undervalued aspects of any influencers arsenal, your media kit is a document used whenever negotiating with brands and potential clients to communicate your image and reach. Whenever working with any major brand, they will request a media kit from a large group of influencers before deciding on the final campaign members, kind of like a resume. We psychologically design our media kits to ensure you are always placed on top of the pile.

+ Social Cover Artwork

No matter what platform you prefer, I think we can all agree that a congruent visual theme is key to growing your following. Instagram highlights, youtube header images, even your myspace banner (if your still living in 2008), we make it look like you’ve got your sh*t together.

+ $200 Free Marketing Credit

It would be impossible for us to explain how the internet works to you in this small space we have allowed for ourselves, so lets just say you need this.




+ How many followers do I need to become an influencer?

Being an influencer is not only about the number of followers you have, It is about your ability to connect with your audience, and add value. voice and how you want to share your story Our clients vary from 4k to 500k followers! But being an influencer is not only about the number of followers you have, It is about your voice and how you want to share your story (add value). Our services cater to all influencers at any stage along their journey! We love helping influencers break into the market with perfected and captivating content and branding, getting it right from the beginning is the fastest way to grow.

Already established and want to take it to the next step? We’ve got you too, with our experience with influencers at all stages, personal branding is the point of difference that will legitimise your career with brands, followers and more importantly your parents!

+ Will my modeling agency let me do this?

We have a lot of model clients, so it made sence for us to design The Influencer Package to work congruently with your agency. When working with any new agency, we always consult the respected parties to ensure you stay within your contract agreements.

+ How could a website help my engagement?

As an influencer, no matter your size, you are your own personal brand, So why not have your own website! The most common reason some influencers grow faster than others, is because they have perfected their personal brand in a way that allows brands & their followers to understand their purpose.

The website is going to boost your engagement by legitimising you, whilst also giving you control! Every influencer that has branched out to other platforms has had to deal with Instagram’s annoying ‘one link’ in their bio. Having your own website completely defeats that struggle. We can link all your socials while creating your own space that is completely customisable to how you want and need it. It helps people find you and makes it easy for them to follow your story on all media channels.

Anyone can make and Instagram account at any time, but by having your own personal website, there is no competition. Once people are onto your site, you are the only content they are viewing.

+ Do I need to be a good writer to have my own blog?

Its no secret that long captions get better engagement, and they can be the easiest to write. Having your own blog just gives you the ability to post and write what you want! You don’t need to be an English professor or have punctuation down pat to get good engagement. You will already know how your followers like to engage with you from your gram, so think of your blog as an extended version of that.

We suggest blogging often but brief informative content with lots of visuals. You have to remember that a lot of your followers became interested because of visuals (either youtube or Instagram) so you need to incorporate large and in-theme images with your blogs.

+ I am just getting started as a content creator, how do I create my brand?

Before working with any influencers, we arrange an initial consultation completely free. This is where we work with you to establish your goals, refine your ideal brand image and talk you through exactly how you will succeed as an influencer.

+ Is Kickstart a management agency?

Although we are not in the business of talent management, there are a lot of benefits to being a Kickstart Allumni. You have the opportunity to get exclusive invites to spacialty PR events, an ever growing community of talented creatives at your fingertips & when scouting influencers for brands, you will always be our first choice.

+ Do brands actually look at media Kits?

With a background in brand development, we have had the pleasure to learn exactly what brands want and need when looking for influencers. The only time brands will not take notice of your media kit, is if you do not have one.

Having a professional looking media kit is the easiest way to differentiate yourself from others. A media kit is like a resume, when brands are scouting for influencers for their next campaign, they will be looking at hundreds of media kits and don’t always read the content that makes your kit stand out from the crowd. This is why we create psychologically designed media kits that draw the attention of brands to ensure you stand out and your always put on the top of the pile.

+ How will this help me charge more? $$$

By creating multiple content streams, you become more appealing to brands as your audience is more likely to engage in your content. Giving the impression of professionalism and making you appear more established.

Brands always try to keep costs as low as possible, so if they feel they can manipulate your prices they will. Professional personal branding make you appear more important and we all know how much influence your appearance can have. A professional brand legitimises your career and gives you more media outlets and access to viewers, therefor you are able to charge more for your time and engagement. You also have the option to offer extra services like blog posts or vloging your shoots or appearances.

+ What if I want to make changes to my website later?

We understand that as you grow as an influencer, your website needs the ability to grow with you. This is why we design all our websites to be easily adjusted and expanded on with no technical experience required. You will easily be able to add galleries of new content or update your viewers of new collaborations with no coding skills at all. Once we have finished all the techniqual boring stuff, we then hand the site off to you to run wild with.

If you do ever need / want to make a major design change later, simply send us a message and we will be glad to help you.


In your free consultation we will discuss with you, the exact criteria brands are looking for when hiring influencers for major campaigns, and talk you through step by step how we empowered influencers just like you to grow their following.

Are you ready to level-up your socials?

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